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I made my way to the Melkweg (again) for pop-punk shows this time. Band of choice: Taking Back Sunday. For some reason they played the Oude Zaal rather than the Max, which didn’t actually matter because these shows are better in smaller rooms anyway.

Left, the local opening band, was generic but tight indie rock with a bit more power than your average Maximo Park song. Didn’t suck at all, had some sound problems with the guitars being low in the mix, solid act overall, but the songwriting is low quality and samey.

Left get 6 right turns to get on the stage out of 10.

Taking Back Sunday came on after a relatively short break. They played mostly a “best-of” set, except it’s not a best of if you play new stuff in their case: they just mixed it up between all the albums they have released so far. This means that obvious picks like “This Photograph Is Proof” were omitted, but on the other hand some old tunes like Cute Without The E or You’re So Last Summer, or the amazing Timberwolves At New Jersey.

The band were energetic, as most bands of this type are bound to be, but somehow a little bit was missing from the vocals: perhaps it was that they were just slightly low in the mix from where I was standing? Anyway, Taking Back Sunday, despite not providing anything overly theatrical, are a solid live act, and I wouldn’t mind seeing them again if I actually got the chance.

Taking Back Sunday receive 7.5 sundays I was taken aback by solid performances out of 10.

PS: Can we stop kiddie crowdsurfing. Or crowdsurfing altogether for that matter? Damn that is annoying.

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  1. Hahaha, remember the fat kid that wanted to crowdsurf and Adam ( lead singer) laughed his guts out because nobody catched him?

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