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A million miles away

I would keep myself

I would find a way.

In essence, that was the climax of Nine Inch Nails last night, and basically the reason why I chose to see them on their farewell tour. I’ve always been a fan of 1994’s classic The Downward Spiral, but never listened to much NIN for a long time. Only when I realised I had never seen Trent perform “Hurt” live, which I am glad to say I have now, I realised I had to get tickets for this show. Thank fuck I did. (I’d say thank God, but I’m an atheist and NIN has Nietschzean themes running all through their work so it would be weird).

First of all, Mew were on for about half an hour; too short for me to make up my mind about what they really are like apart from a more compact Sigur Ros (even the vocals remind me of Jonsi occasionally) with better songwriting and less ambience, without losing any of the texture. No clue about their set list though.  Last song made me feel really in love with my girlfriend.

Mew get 6 “I don’t know why you’re named after a Pokemon and sound like Sigur Ros but I don’t care because I want to smooch my girl even though she wasn’t there anyway’s” out of 10.

Nine Inch Nails plowed through a massive, massive 2 hour set (how does Trent keep pulling this off every night? He doesn’t? Oh, that’s why they quit touring). I’m glad thye played some of their louder material; that is always the NIN stuff I got more into, and besides I don’t think Ghosts type of stuff would suit the live setlist anyway. So thanks for making probably the only time I see NIN filled with stuff like Head like a Hole, Hand that Feeds, La Mer, Wish, Burn, Gave Up, Suck, Survivalism, and March of the Pigs. Getting I Do Not Want This, actually the first NIN song I loved, was amazing too. Only complaint is no “Every Day Is Exactly the Same”.

Nine Inch Nails get 9 inch nails out of 10.

Setlist (mistakes to be corrected; please leave a comment if there is an error)

01- Home
02- 1,000,000
03- Letting You
04- Sin
05- March of the Pigs / All the Pigs, All Lined Up
06- Piggy (Nothing Can Stop Me Now)
07- Metal
08- The Line Begins to Blur
09- Head Down
10- Burn
11- Gave Up
12- Gone/Still >
13- La Mer
14- The Frail >
15- The Wretched
16- Non-Entity
17- I Do Not Want This
18- The Downward Spiral
19- Wish
20- Survivalism
21- Mr. Self Destruct
22- Suck
23- Echoplex
24- The Hand That Feeds
25- Head Like A Hole
26- Hurt
27- In This Twilight

Until the next time,



  1. I’ve seen them since ’94
    been a fan since Pretty Hate Machine.
    I’ve been to every concert they’ve given in NL (well not true.. I went to one concert each time they came)
    I can tell you this was the least of their appearances.
    Was more of a Rock Concert than an industrial concert.
    I can only write… and writing this is like painting a scent – But I’ll try anyway.

    the first time I saw them was unforgettable. Much more synth. They actually had things in which the synths hung so they could half throw them around without a problem. At the end Trent decided to demolish his Korg synth.
    Next time I saw them was in 013 in ’99 – maybe the best concert I’ve ever been to – and there he had lighting effects that absolutely stunned. better than ANY lightshow I’ve seen since (better f.i. than Daft Punk’s Alive tour) With curtains in front (had not been done before) and giant shandalliers that came down and surrounded the individual band members.
    Back then there were 5 bandmembers (including Charlie Clouser) and Trent ALWAYS played an instrument. Either Synth or Guitar.
    Made it more real for me.

    So yes… it was the Rock concert of the year (only Faith No More have a chance at breaking that)… but not NIN’s best

    BTW: you still haven’t heard him do Closer… ;-p

    • I’ve always been more of a rock fan than an industrial fan. Actually more of a metal fan, to be honest… but if you’d look through my back catalog of blogs you might have noticed😉 Actually this is the only time I’ve ever seen NIN so I can’t judge against previous performances. All I can say is, I enjoyed it:)

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