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A silent tribute to Jonas P. Renkse

Scarlet Ravages

thus we have become chrome
a poison canker in the heart
this filthy blood in my veins
draws itself to its old home
from its end to the new start
on its brown horse-saddle reins

lost in the ravages of scarlet
heavens collide in the wake
of dead stallions marching through
the ashes of armed starlets
a silver corpse for me to take
a horse-bride for me to groom

hooves trample the artery floor
blood clots scramble to its aid
another jab at the cold white skin
another thought of wanting more
and hormones march to their raid
driving the nails home from within

burst the vessels before they break
clean the wound before it infects
but i bleed for nothing anyway
here is nothing for me to take
out of greed like a damn insect
no hope to lead my blood astray

a black prince atop the horse-back
jumps off his dead steed’s seat
and lands his boots in my arms
sell another bruise for this wreck
and I’ll buy out of righteous need
I’ll hoard these wounds like farms

he unsheathes a dreaded iron sword
and lets the metal glint in my eye
into my flesh the blade is driven
as I scream a last dissonant chord
he grins that last malicious smile
the last sign of life being given.


  1. Hey Altmer! I added a link to your blog in my Blogroll… hope that’s okay with you.

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