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Kamelot last night was a gig of, well, epic proportions. I haven’t seen anything this good since Anathema. It was up there with that gig and the Pain of Salvation one I attended as well.

Me and my brother (and a bunch of his friends) arrived at the venue quite early. We were in time to see both opening acts, so, I’ll start with Serenity first as they played first. Serenity play that lovely power/prog stuff, competently but without imagination or originality. It’s a band where you can notice that they love what they do, they do it well, and they have it all down pat, but they just for some reason don’t seem to stick at all. Nevertheless they energised the crowd quite easily, so I guess they must have done something right. Might be worth checking out, then again, maybe not.

Serenity get 6 semi-original songs out of 10.

Setlist: (thanks to RPGW – possibly not in correct order)
Sheltered (By the Obscure)
Reduced to Nothingness
Coldness Kills
Rust of Coming Ages
All Lights Reversed

Then Delain came on, and Delain bore me to fucking tears, frankly. Their vocalist is annoying and the music they play is symphonic metal paint-by-numbers stuff, the kind you’d rather ignore because you’ve heard it all before and better. They have an ex member of Within Temptation, maybe that explains why they are so mediocre? They were pretty energetic with the crowd, who soaked everything up like a sponge, and during the riffier moments, my head was nodding a bit, but I would never pay just to see Delain.

Also a grand fuck you to the dude that stood next to me during this gig who doesn’t get tall people need space and fat people need to learn to not be fat and take up too much of it. If you don’t like my height, go stand somewhere else. Or just lose some fucking weight for fuck’s sake. Stop whining. Middle fucken finger to you. Thanks for ruining their set for me.

Delain get 4 rains in March that didn’t actually happen because it was a beautiful spring day out of 10.

Then was Kamelot. Now, Kamelot needs no introduction, but they’re gonna get one anyway because I am cool like that. Kamelot are the essence of your soul. They are also a power metal band from Tampa, Florida, with a Norwegian singer called Roy Khan (who now apparently speaks three words of Dutch as he so graciously showed during the gig) who rules some complete face live (and the world, for that matter). Oh and they have a German keyboardist who is involved with Epica’s Simone Simons (who mysteriously happened to be in Tilburg for the night).

Kamelot’s set was nigh-on perfect (just drop Anthem for Abandoned and Farewell for the Edge of Paradise and that’s a perfect set right there), and the crowd was 300% into it. From the first note of the intro to the closing pyroblasts of March of Mephisto, every note of it was enthusiastically cheered on and soaked up by a 2200-strong crowd that was loving every minute, nay, every last millisecond of it.

As the concert went on, it turned out that Khan and friends had the whole venue in the palms of their hand. Kamelot are basically playing to home crowd here, as they have a super-strong following in the Netherlands, and 2200 hardcore fans  continued to cheer during moments that even the band did not expect. Forever’s usual singalong was extended for ages and ages as the crowd sang the melody over and over, the band staring in astonishment as we continued to sing.

Oliver’s keyboard solo was graced by a round of champagne, cheers, and a spontaneous happy birthday chant that seemed to make Oliver very, very happy. Also Oliver’s love Simone came out and did The Haunting with Kamelot, which turned the venue into one bouncing mass of people. I daresay that was the highlight, perhaps with the exception of March of Mephisto. Another guest was Amanda Somerville, who did Love You to Death in the first encore.  I think the crowd couldn’t have asked for more bang for their buck.

More highlights were The Pendulous Fall (I have always wanted to hear this live), The Human Stain (fuck that song is epic), Karma (which was in the main set, and its place in the encore was taken by Farewell), and basically anything except Anthem. The atmosphere was good, but I never liked that ballad anyway and though Khan is such an immaculate performer and could possibly make a fart sound good if he tried, I still wish Abandoned would be played over it. The last epic surprise was Moonlight, which they hadn’t played in

All in all, I wish I would see these guys again fast. I will probably not see them at the Sonisphere festival, but Khan said they would be back the 27th of March next year. Can’t wait to see them then, if they deliver another winner like this they pretty much are guaranteed to kick the shit out of me.

Kamelot get 10 immaculate performances out of 10.

Rule the World (pyro)
When the Lights are Down
Centre of the Universe
The Pendulous Fall
Karma (pyro)
Instrumental (including drum solo)
The Human Stain
The Haunting (with Simone Simons from Epica)
Edenecho (pyro)
Keyboard Solo
Ghost Opera
Love you to Death (with Amanda Sommerville)
March of Mephisto (pyro)

Until the next time,


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